Oxford street for first time

Hello. Today we start school at 9 o'clock in the morning. We stood up about 7 o'clock, got our breakfast and walked to Edgware station. From there we took the underground to Euston and walked about 5 minutes to a park where the rest of the group was waiting. The first class was an activity class, so we just played some games in the park. Then we had a break for about two and a half hours so we went to Oxford street to experience and look how it was there. We just had time to one store because it was like 4 floors with clothes and shoes. I didn't buy something but it was really cool to see how big it was. Our next class was a academic class so we just talked and learned each others names and stuff like that. After that I and Celine went home to our host family to eat dinner. She made some chines food for us, and it was actually really good. About 6.30 pm we went back to the city, but this time we had to go to Embankment because we was going to have some activities there. We got a list of things that we had to run around and take pictures of as a group. My group won, so it was very fun.

I have also bought my first thing her in London. It's a OBEY t-shirt and i love it so much. I am going to show you pictures of everything I buy but it so late now so I do it tomorrow.

NB! The reason why I write in English is because I have a goal at school to write a short text about my day on english. I thought it was a good idea to just write it here then you can read it to. Hope you understand everything, I'm not so good yet, but it feels like I'm getting better everyday.

Good night <3

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Jenny Tomasgard

Jenny Tomasgard

19, Hornindal

Hei! Bloggen blir først og fremst brukt på reiser, og for at dokke heime skal få følge med på galskapen. Starta den i 2012 når eg var i London på språkreise, og tenkte eg kunne legge ut litt bilde frå turen til USA no sommeren 2015 også. Enjoy! :D Klem Jenny